tummies uwu [x / x]


OK sweetsamofmine got an anonymous ask to the following effect: ‘rank in order of importance: sam’s hair, his dimples, his moles, forehead crinkle, cute lil nose, unreal cheekbones’ and she invited me to play so YUS here it is. What a treat.


6. Sam’s moles. Most important: next-to-nose mole; joint second most important: chin and next-to-mouth mole; third bonus surprise: BACK MOLES. These are actually pretty sweet (everything about Sam is pretty sweet) especially the face moles (they just make him him) but they’re not something I obsess about to the level of anything else on this list.

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Jared with little Thomas Padalecki during lunch panel at Van Con 2014 


Success happens when you’re too busy to notice it… (Jared Padalecki, Vancon 2014 [x] )  

Jared Padalecki at Vancon 2014


Jared talking about a recent plane trip with his injured arm (x)